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Laboratory Safety Starts With Communication

Laboratory safety refers to a lot of things. It can refer to the protocol for handling chemicals, operating heavy machinery and even communication. How we communicate with each other usually varies on the situation. But the primary goal is to relay a message, and ensure it was received in the manner intended. Certain things can make it more difficult to understand, especially in a working environment. As a business owner that works in a laboratory, your main objective is to ensure worker safety and many of them tend to have a goal to improve communication. But what if we told you that worker safety and communication aren't separate things? Here's how we can help...
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English Training For Companies & Assessing Employee ESL Progress

English training for companies is not "one-size-fits-all" - or at least, it shouldn't be. Everyone learns at different paces, and begins learning with different levels of understanding. Some people haven't had any exposure at all, whereas others might have taken a course or two during school. Why then, should learning English be any different? Many of our competitors offer self-guided, online English courses and their customers believe employees will leave those classes meeting expectations. What makes us different is our approach to online learning: people centered, business focused. After completing an assessment of your employees, we centering your employees when designing a course for them, while remaining focused on your business objectives. No two courses are exactly the same just as no two people learn and absorb new information exactly the same. By providing 100% LIVE & remote webinar-style classes, we combine the conveniences of remote learning with all the benefits of a live teacher who can answer questions and provide correction in the moment. We provide expert instructors who have designed online ESL courses (English as a Second Language courses) that are unique and highly engaging so that your employees aren't bored with teaching themselves from a book or screen. So how do you manage expectations when it comes to English courses for companies? And how do you track your employees' progress?
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English Courses For Employers & 3 Obstacles To Overcome

English courses for employers can look like many things. For some employers, it can look like industry specific language training that centers around the terminology, safety procedures and equipment involved in fields ranging from construction to healthcare and everything in between. By remaining focused on your individualized business objectives we ensure you are receiving the quality English training your employees need, while centering them in the process by meeting them on their level and going at their pace. In other words, we deliver a people centered & business focused approach to online English training that others cannot provide. All of our corporate English courses are taught by expert instructors  who go above and beyond to deliver a unique and engaging  remote learning experience that is 100% LIVE through video chat technology . In the last 30 years, we have been providing decision makers across dozens of industries with solutions that have helped their businesses and employees thrive with corporate language training and these are just a few of the obstacles that must be overcome for a successful program:
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