English Courses For Employers & 3 Obstacles To Overcome

English courses for employers can look like many things. For some employers, it can look like industry specific language training that centers around the terminology, safety procedures and equipment involved in fields ranging from construction to healthcare and everything in between. By remaining focused on your individualized business objectives we ensure you are receiving the quality English training your employees need, while centering them in the process by meeting them on their level and going at their pace. In other words, we deliver a people centered & business focused✅ approach to online English training that others cannot provide. All of our corporate English courses are taught by expert instructors ✅ who go above and beyond to deliver a unique and engaging ✅ remote learning experience that is 100% LIVE through video chat technology ✅. In the last 30 years, we have been providing decision makers across dozens of industries with solutions that have helped their businesses and employees thrive with corporate language training and these are just a few of the obstacles that must be overcome for a successful program:


1. English courses for employers and the vocabulary obstacle

When it comes to ESL employees (those who speak English as a Second Language)- there are a number of contributing factors that make learning English difficult. Depending on the level your workers are starting at, they may have preconceived notions of what certain English words mean. But depending on the context your specific workplace uses terminology, it could be a completely different meaning.

Example: Bid. ESL workers may know this term in a gambling context, but in the construction industry it refers to a proposal including the cost of a project.


2. Overcoming pronunciation with English courses for employers

Associate ESL courses may help bring your employees where they need to be, in terms of how they communicate in English to their coworkers. In some situations, it could be a matter of life or death if someone mishears safety instructions or misunderstands a task because it's hard to determine what was said. Maybe your solution incorporates elements of employee accent reduction for non native English speaking employees. Or maybe it incorporates elements English pronunciation during associate ESL courses.


3. English courses for employers and overcoming confidence barriers

English courses for employers

Confidence, or lack thereof, can seriously affect workplace performance. In industries like construction or warehousing a lack of confidence can translate into safety hazards... that end up costing more than thousands of dollars, lawyer fees and hospital stays in cases of accidents. A lack of confidence in blue collar industries could translate to losing a life or becoming handicapped in serious accidents. Maybe your ESL workers don't feel comfortable asking for instructions again, or maybe your managers are speaking too fast, or maybe they don't feel confident speaking up and asking a question. Online English courses can instill a sense of confidence in your employees who speak English as a Second Language (ESL) that was never there before.


Our highly engaging In-Person English Training for employees and interactive Corporate  English classes online with live native-speaking teachers are easy to access from wherever you are. We offer Real-Time Private and Group Corporate English Training. Get a Free Quote for your Industry Specific Onsite or Online English Classes for Companies.

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