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English Courses For Companies And How To Set Expectations

English courses for companies can be as specific or as broad as you need them to be. Our approach to online corporate English courses incorporates your business goals and objectives into the curriculum to provide a truly customized learning experience for your employees. The reason? Not everyone learns at the same pace, and some people in class might have previously studied English at some point in the past, and therefore have a leg-up on their coworkers. Everyone approaches learning differently, which is why we take a people centered, business focused  approach with our corporate ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. By centering your employees, who will actually be learning in our corporate English courses, they are more likely to retain the information as it is relevant to their real-life jobs because the English they learn is business focused. Taught by expert instructors, our English courses for employees are remote and 100% LIVE with real time instruction to provide the most convenient and successful online learning experience possible. So what kind of expectations do you need to set with your employees before class begins? And how long will it take for them to become fluent in English?
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4 Corporate English Jargon Phrases to Retire Immediately 

Corporate English jargon. Let's stop beating around the bush for a second: it is polarizing at best and utterly perplexing at worst. At some point, every adult will hear an idiom or phrase that doesn't make any sense. And then are forced to spend way too much time thinking about what it means, who bothered come up with the dreadful saying in the first place and then reaching through space and time to tell that mythical person off for creating the idiom that continues to torment poor unfortunate souls for the rest of time. If you have been there, I feel your pain. If you haven't, you are either lying to yourself or lying to the world so feel free to pick whatever tickles your fancy. Confusing at best, offensive at worst here are the top 4 worst and most confusing idioms to have been heard in corporate America:
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