English Courses For Employees Aren’t Enough

English courses for employees aren't enough to become fluent in English- they are only the beginning. For ESL employees (those who speak English as a Second Language) becoming fluent in English as a Second Language (ESL) is a long process. Especially for someone with zero previous exposure to English, it is unreasonable for business leaders to expect fluency in English after only a few weeks of class. As with everything else business related, when considering English courses for companies it's important for decision makers to set goals that are within a reasonable achievement for employees; and this starts by developing goals with us that are based upon your employees current understanding of English before class even starts. Knowing where your employees are starting from, positions them to succeed and exceed expectations, while allowing us to deliver results in a timely manner. Companies that choose us to provide corporate language classes for their employees, understand that investing money in associates and their development is ultimately an investment in your company itself. When coworkers can understand each other, and communicate effectively the quality of their work increases, their confidence improves, they bring new ideas and creativity to projects, they become more efficient, reliable and their ability to meet and exceed expectations increase. These are just a few notable advantages that companies experience on their end with corporate language training. When you consider the benefits your customers or clients experience on their end- when they can communicate and receive what they were expecting to be delivered- decision makers have to ask themselves "can we afford the associated risks of NOT providing English training for companies?" You're probably asking yourself "If your online English courses for employees are so great, why aren't they enough? I don't understand."


"Can you explain WHY English courses for employees aren't enough?"

English courses for employees, professional skills, English courses for companiesFor starters, everyone learns at their own pace, and has their own unique learning styles. Think back to when you were in high school. You might have struggled through math class, but excelled at writing. Or maybe you were quick to catch on in history but fell behind in science. Maybe your parents hired a tutor, or you stayed afterschool to get extra help. There are so many learning differences that affect how we understand and absorb new information. This is why there is such a push to eliminate standardized tests in public schools- because how students perform on them don't accurately portray which students understand the material, they just demonstrate how well students take exams.


"I'm interested in English courses for employees at my company. What is my takeaway here?"

Learning a language is a long process that doesn't just happen within a few weeks. Offering English courses for employees at your company is a logical first step, but it cannot be the only one. For decision makers, encouraging ESL associates to practice what they've learned outside the classroom is crucial. English training requires a level of commitment outside of the classroom in order to be most effective. Whether it's business English to improve speaking skills or listening comprehension or some other focus, the best approach is as much exposure and practice as possible. Incorporating practice in the workplace, and encouraging it at home in as many situations as possible is the key.


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